Pivotal CRM Active Directory Synchronization service

This service keeps a Pivotal CRM system synchronized with the Active Directory. Currently, although Pivotal CRM security relies on Active Directory for user authentication, this requires System Administrators (IT) to manually create users in Pivotal CRM, add users to security groups, assign licenses, etc. This service will monitor the Active Directory for a particular security group, and will make any changes to the Pivotal CRM security according to changes made in the Active Directory.


These changes are configurable,
and can include the following:

  • Creation of the user in Pivotal
  • Group membership administration of users
  • Assignment/un-assignment of licenses
  • Creation of employee record

Suitable for: Pivotal CRM 5.9, Pivotal CRM 6.x (CMS o PCM)


Pivotal CRM Active Directory Synchronization service video-demo

Shows an example of how the Pivotal Active Directory Synchronization works. The video-demo shows how an IT administrator creates a new user in AD and how the user is automatically created in Pivotal CRM, with an employee record associated and a license assigned. It also shows how the group membership is made from AD and how membership is synchronized automatically.


Pivotal Active Directory Synchronization service flowchart:


CRM Pivotal Active Directory Synchronization



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