Pivotal CRM Templates for Visual Studio

Templates for Visual Studio will accelerate Pivotal CRM development by providing a proven methodology along with boilerplate code that will speed up development time. The templates are powered by a wizard that will create the metadata and boilerplate code based on the chosen Pivotal CRM system. These templates will provide for the creation of the following types of projects and project items.

Main features for Pivotal CRM Templates for Visual Studio:



  • Form Server Task
  • Service Tasks
  • Client Tasks
  • Metadata
  • Global Client
  • Common (classes that can be used both on the client and server side)

Project Items

  • For the client side logic
    • Command Handlers
    • Events
    • Client Forms
    • Notification handlers
  • For the metadata: automatic creation of the metadata for the following objects
    • Tables (with fields, forms, queries, choices, etc.)
    • LD Groups (and its LD Strings)
    • Server Tasks (with its methods)
  • For the server side logic
    • Server Form/Service TaskExecute methods

Suitable for: Pivotal CRM 6.0.9 or higher (PCM 6.0.8 HF1)


Pivotal CRM Templates for Visual Studio video-demo

This video-demo shows the enhancements made to the Visual Studio templates for Pivotal.  Also, how to automatically build the metadata for Pivotal objects such as tables, ld groups and code files.


Pivotal templates for Visual Studio from Grupo Lanka on Vimeo.

Pivotal CRM Templates for Visual Studio chart

CRM Pivotal Visual Studio

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