Pivotal CRM MonitoringIT

Pivotal MonitoringIT gives to IT departments involved in Pivotal CRM Systems administration a simple and effective way to monitor infrastructure components, processes and services.

Pivotal CRM MonitoringIT allow IT professionals to

  • Monitor LCS, ANM, PLM and almost any other Pivotal CRM service
  • Receive e-mail notifications on the occurrence of failures on the monitored processes
  • Store detailed information of failures in a Microsoft SQL Database
  • Flexibility to create and plug in your own monitoring modules

Pivotal MonitoringIT main features

  • 8 built-in modules to monitor disk space, Pivotal Lifecycle Server, Pivotal Active Notification Manager, Pivotal Integrator Connector notifications, Pivotal License Manager, SharePoint Services and Database response
  • Open architecture that allows creating and plugging in new modules to monitor custom services
  • Simple and intuitive management console that allows monitoring several servers and services simultaneously
  • Monitor task notification storage in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database or Microsoft SQL Compact Edition 3.5 data file
  • E-mail alert notification via SMTP

Suitable for: Pivotal CRM 5.9, Pivotal CRM 6.x (CMS o PCM)


Pivotal CRM MonitoringIT video demo

MonitoringIT from Grupo Lanka on Vimeo.

Pivotal CRM MonitoringIT flowchart:

CRM Pivotal Monitoring
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