Pivotal CRM Development Tools (English version)

This section is oriented to demonstrate technical products created by Grupo Lanka specifically for Pivotal CRM systems.

Video showcases are embedded to show some of the most interesting features that will dramatically improve the development time and user experience of Pivotal CRM systems. Our portfolio is integrated by:

  1. Pivotal Active Directory Synchronization service
  2. Pivotal Instrumentation Module
  3. Pivotal Integration Module: DBConnection
  4. Pivotal Data Visualization Module
  5. Pivotal Templates for Visual Studio
  6. Pivotal  MonitoringIT
  7. Productivity Pack For Pivotal CRM. Tools for Pivotal Administrators and Users that boost productivity, save time and increase adoption. By CRMCulture
  8. Power Toolkit for Pivotal CRM. Save Pivotal Toolkit Customizers hundreds of hours of development time with the same toolset we built for ourselves. Speed,consistency, accuracy and immediate Return on Investment. By CRMCulture
  9. PowerGrid for Pivotal CRM. A completely no-coding grid control that offers the sorting, filtering, grouping, sub-totaling and conditional formatting features of Excel. Any SRL can be instantly converted to a PowerGrid! By CRMCulture

Spend a few minutes watching this video and we’re sure you’ll understand why our Pivotal customers are fully satisfied about the value they are getting from Pivotal CRM Development Tools.

The Pivotal Development Tools unleashes the hidden power of Pivotal CRM, with them you will save your company time and money and make your platform even more stable, predictable, flexible and adaptable.

Pivotal Development Tools show demonstrable ROI.

We encourage to our customer to make smart investments in their Pivotal Systems, to obtain Pivotal maximum benefits.

DBConnection for Pivotal from Grupo Lanka on Vimeo.

Pivotal CRM  Development Tools – Grupo Lanka